Friday, December 8, 2017

Thinking Hats

 Hello blogging world, In the past two weeks we summarised and answered questions about the Gala day. We used  the six thinking hats to write our feelings and opinions about the day.  The six thinking hats include the colours white, yellow, red, black, green and blue. We used them to describe our emotions using words.  This is my piece of work I hope you enjoy:

In the process of finishing the slides I learnt how to reflect and summarise my opinions

Friday, November 17, 2017

Gala Day!

This term Waikowhai Primary School had the challenge to create something to sell at our School gala day. Our classroom (waitemata) decided to make homemade organic soap for the day. We decided to make soap for the day because we thought the soap at the supermarket had chemicals and wasn't safe for our body. So we made organic soap that has no chemicals. During this process we needed to make the packaging to sell our soap in, labels to show what type of soap it is, and our own signs to go around the school to advertise what we were selling. While making the soap we were able to create different scents, colours, and shapes. The way we packaged the soap is we put some of the soap bars in a shell, rapped a ribbon over it decided to sell them like that. The ingredients we used were clear glycerine soap, pure goats milk, Shea butter and triple butter. Some of them didn't end out how we wanted so we are going to sell them as seconds. We also had to make the prices of the soap for how much they costs. The seconds are gonna cost 1$ less than the good soap.  This is some of our finished products... I Hope You Enjoyed.

😎 (See you later.)


During this process of making soap I found out that it's pretty easy to make something that is homemade...

Thursday, November 9, 2017

My Novel study (the book I read was dunger)

This term Te waka ako were working on a book review. We got handed a novel book from the teacher, and we have been reading it for the past 3 weeks. Te waka ako read the book and retold the main points in the story. Each slide had a different task to complete E.g: main characters opinion map.

The first slide Is about the plot and story line. after we read the book we summarised and retold the story from beginning middle and end. The second slide is about the narrative structure.  we had to
re-tell the problems and how they fixed the problems they had. Then after that we had to describe what the minor and main characters looked like acted like and what their personality traits are. In the fourth  slide we had to write our favourite moments and explain the reason why it was. The sixth slide is an opinion map we had to write what our opinions were on the book. the seventh slide is the six thinking hats we wrote the positive, negative, interesting, how they feel, what was creative, what i should do now. On the eighth slide we used the game tinker cad to create the setting of the book this is a picture of the setting I made. in the ninth slide we did. we had a questioning map and we  asked questions about the book and what we wondered. on the final slide we finished was the vocabulary slide. We wrote how many words we didn't know and fin out what it means. you should check out this book because it was a really interesting book.


Friday, October 27, 2017

Novel Study

This week we were working on a novel study. The novel I was working on is Dunger. On the first activity you see is an opinion map, I wrote all the positive, negative and interesting things about what happened in the book. In the second picture you see is the thinking hats. I predicted how the characters are feeling and thinking and in the third picture you see is an activity where you have to describe the main and minor characters in the book. I hope you enjoyed my piece of work

I found these activities quite challenging because of the amount of time we had but I managed to finish.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Magical World of Crazy Science

Today we had two amazing people that came to our school to show us amazing science tricks and experiments. My favorite part was when all the kids started getting excited about all the crazy tricks they had performed. I found the first trick they performed really interesting. He held two giant rings in his hands and he clashed them together without us noticing how it happened and then pulled the rings apart like nothing ever happened. I learnt that bubbles are the thinnest objects in the whole world that can seen by a human eye. I wonder how scientist know everything about science and why they think its interesting to learn about.  I also wonder how a scientist can also present magic tricks.  I think what I would do now is try theses amazing science experiments out at home (With parents supervision) to see how my parents and family will react to them. here is a video about the giant bubbles being formed. Please feel free to comment. 


Friday, September 8, 2017

Animation slides

Hello, Last term we decided to make some animation slides. An animation slide is something where you can use google slides to make a small story or a little cartoon about something you're interested in. This animation slide can also be describe as stop motion. I chose the sunset because I thought it would be interesting to see how I will blend all the colours together. These is my animation slides I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment. Have you made stop motion / animation slides?
I thought this task was very fun to work on. I think it wasn't much of a challenge but it does take time to duplicate them. In the future I think I would be happy to make another one.

Friday, September 1, 2017


Last week on Tuesday we went to camp and came back on Friday night. during camp It was so fun I learnt how to snowboard. while I was on the mountain I was mostly on my bottom. My favorite part in camp was when we got up in the morning and started to get ready for the mountain because I was so excited. This is my camp slide I hope you enjoy.   feel free to comment