Friday, August 4, 2017

fun building

This week I created a small model tent as a math task. To make this we used modeling clay / Plasticine toothpicks and a small piece of cardboard. While making this model I made three different shapes a rectangle,square and a cube. Some of the problems I had was it kept collapsing because of all the movement, weight and pressure being put on it. I Learnt that less clay can go a long way because it's a very thick texture. The good thing about this task was it helped me to find different techniques to use while building. This is my work, I hope you enjoy. Blog you later.

Overall I  think the process of this task was a little bit hard but it gave me a challenge. Half way through i was so close to being finished but it collapsed because the pressure i was putting on it.

Friday, July 7, 2017

My Narrative Writting

   This term we created a piece of creative writing about any topic we liked.  I chose the story to be a little bit scary. ( SPOILERS) my favorite part is at the end. I decided to publish this piece of work because I thought it's ready to publish and I thought people would like to see some creativity. I hope you enjoy this piece of work and feel free to comment. 

One morning on a dark and dreary day where the crows were croaking and the trees were rumbling. There was a small town with a big red brick house, with two members that lived in it, Mary and her Mum. However on this day Mary was all alone. Mary's Mum calls and tells her I miss you so much. Mary sent a photo of her for her Mum but when Mary looked back at the photo she noticed someone behind her....
Once the photo was sent to her Mum, she told Mary to quickly get out of the. Mary’s mum told her there was a tall scary looking figure standing behind her.  Mary had no idea what was going on, her doors are closed and locked and the windows are shut,plus she would have been able to hear something break in. Mary tried to unlock the doors but somehow the keys to the door are gone they disappeared off her desk. something freaky is going on said Mary. Mary tried to open the windows but they were all jammed. What do I do now…

Grandma call Grandma she lives closest to us. Mary told Mum she came over to tell me she's going on a beautiful holiday. Mary locked herself in in the closet and was as quiet as possible while mum comes home. 10 MINUTES LATER..  Sorry I might be late said mum, the traffic is major. Grab your phone and call the police. Aah! Mary’s phone started ringing. Mary picks up her phone with shaky and sweaty palms she decided to answer the phone and...

Hi Mary its Mum, I just got a call from my boss I have to go to work otherwise I'm fired. Go to your fathers house I will be there just in time for dinner. !6 palm street. Mary has never heard of this street before but she went there anyways. Cant wait said Mum. Mary said Mum how do I know this is you?

Passion Project

This term we created a passion project. A passion project is about what your passionate about or what you think is interesting. I created a passion project about Anzac day because My grandpa has been telling me stories about his farther and I though they were interesting. This is my piece of work I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment. - Stevie-lee -


Friday, June 23, 2017

Compare and Contrast

Another reading task we did was a compare and contrast map. We compared the two texts up the pipe and the worlds running out of water.  This is my compare and contrast map  I made during reading. I hope you enjoy this piece of work and feel free to leave a comment.


Turtle washes up on 90 mile beach (slides)

This week for reading  our teacher set us a task to complete. this task we had to answer questions about the article Turtle Washes Up On 90 Mile Beach.  Here is the slides we put the answers into. I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment😜

Friday, June 16, 2017

About Me

This week we made a thinglink about ourselves. The information we used is about our hobbies, what we like to do for fun and introducing ourselves. We made this because we thought we wanted to tell you some more information about ourselves. Please enjoy and feel free to comment :)

   by doing this it helps me feel protected and more safe on the internet. I noticed in this piece of work people are going to know who I am as a person and an individual learner.

Friday, June 9, 2017

My Personal Response (Painting the town)

This week for reading our teacher gave us a task to make a personal response about the text we read called Painting the Town written by Renata Hopkins. This text made me think about how art can be used in so many different ways and people really enjoy it. This is my personal response Hope you enjoy :)

Personal Response

  • Will these art pictures last forever?
  • When will the art museum re-open?
  •  What comes to their mind when they paint the walls?

  • People try to make the city pretty even if they might get bust down
  • Some people take there time to make the city look bright
  •  How many people are doing this to the city

  • People really care about their city
  • They use their own stencils
  •  That they are changing christchurch

  • The art museum closed down
  • Some of the paintings are going to waste
  •  The amount of earthquakes in christchurch


  • The broken buildings
  • Some bad graffiti into beautiful art like the ones in the book
  •  People on the streets  can live next to a beautiful picture

  • How art can change people's lives
  • Art can be used in so many different ways
  •  Christchurch can be a beautiful place even with all the earthquakes

  • How many people do this to the city?
  • Why would people make art in an earthquake place?
  • Why do most people hate the paintings people work so hard on?

I think this task was Really fun because it helped me to make a good summary about the book Painting the Town